One month and Counting in Colombia

Ralph&Pat’s photo.

Yeah it has been only 31 days since I have been in Colombia and surprisingly a still alive and of course kicking as well. Since I have taken this trip I have learned to be me and enjoy the company of strangers now and again. But I have stop by to share  the joy that I have been experiencing in this  country. This country offers arrays of beauty and in is attractiveness lies in its mountains, plains, water falls , rivers, valleys, jungles, parks  and its most treasure resource its people.

Tayrona Park 

So since I have been in Colombia ( the same places that is deemed as deadly and is consumed by drugs and paramilitaries). I am overwhelmed by the love of Colombians and I now consider myself to be a Colombian . Cheers these are just a few things I have learned while travelling in Colombia

  1. You have look far beyond how the media portray a country
  2. Colombians are friendly people who are always willing to assist in any way possible
  3. The ones that seems to have the least are the ones who gives the most
  4. It’s okay to stop and lend a hand to the police plants some flowers for their beautification project
  5. How to read and navigate using a map. (a learning process for me)
  6. You will always meet travelers who have already visited interesting places and are better than any guidebooks
  7. Sometimes the only souvenirs you can collect are photos and memories because there is no space in your backpack
  8. No plans are definite because there is always a detour that you never expect and it’s not worth missing it out. Colombia is magnificent and stunned  beautiful
  9.  To trust the Lord more. He promise me He will never leave nor forsake me
  10. Traveling alone does mean you will be lonely. You will meet strangers that will become life long friends
  11. People are different in many ways yet the same in so many ways
  12. It’s a blessing to wake up in a different place and see the sun rise from a different location .
  13. The birds sing the same songs in a different country
  14. You won’t die if you eat an ants
  15. You sometimes forget your own language while learning a new one.
  16. You need to value yourself , spend time nurturing yourself because at times all you have is yourself
  17. Do not hold on to grudges because people leave your life just as often as they enter. and holding on will destroy your inner peace
  18. No days are alike
  19. You can’t hold on to time so live each moment and let it count
  20. Do not hold on to vanity . If  you live without it for a few months you most likely can live without it for life
  21. I really love Colombia
  22. There is no place like Colombia and will there be
  23. to be continued ……………



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