Preparing for Colombia


New York Times

Colombia the place you go if you think you have spend enough days on earth and its hard to commit suicide .you will be robed , they will take your organs and or you will become a drug mule . These are some of the words I  heard from people who have never set foot in south America much more Colombia.

You have to see Colombia , its my favorite country in South America.There is a lot of places to go and things to do. Its an ideal place for backpackers.If you visit this country you don’t want to leave. I am gonna visit again. These are the comments from travelers.

I will show you around, Your welcome to visit my country. Its a great idea you can stay with me. Colombia is beautiful. Comments from Colombian

My flatmate who is Colombian send me a video .’ COLOMBIA IS MAGICAL REALISM’

A place were your always welcome Colombia .

So the answer is Colombia so I have to get ready to be the guest that everyone has been waiting for.

I don’t have an itinerary because I like to go with the wind .  I will arrive in Bogota and the rest I don’t know.   I have an idea of some of the things I would like to see and do. I have watched a few videos and read tonnes of blog post about Colombia. I will cover my accommodation by stating with my flat mate family , and  (a bit shy about this option since  I don’t have a good command of Spanish).

Transportation will be via buses as this is the cheapest option. And buses are frequent and goes to every department.

How did you prepare for your Trip abroad or your first backpacking trip ?


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    1. Thank you Mukul Chand


  1. Hernando Mendoza says:

    Cuando leí esto, realmente aprecie el país donde vivo.
    Muchas veces no valoramos nuestro entorno por que vemos todo tan cotidiano que perdemos ese asombro dejando escapar la magia de los lindos detalles que ofrecen los paisajes Colombianos!

    A través de este blog puedo ver con diferentes ojos mi tierra….
    Gracias por esto que hiciste!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Muchas Gracias Hernando. Colombia es mágico


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