Traveling as a Student

University life is one of the most exciting and memorable  time in your life. It’s the time when you are free to make mistakes ,take challenges and be totally crazy. It’s also the time when you have a least 5 month off  each year but not a lot of money

You study hard so why not reward yourself. Here is a few ways to travel without breaking the bank.


Internship allows a student to travel to another country for work experience in a different area of studies. Most internship program s will provide a host and an individual to assist with the transition process. Most internship also offers stipend.

Study Abroad

Most university have partner university that allows the student to spend a semester or a year abroad in another university.


Workaway is  a volunteer organization that connects people with family, individuals and organizations who provides food and accommodation in exchange for work. Other type of volunteer program are Helpx and Woofing.


Allows the opportunity for you to build confidence, develop new skills and holistic view of the world through volunteer and internship. It also offered the chance to be a cultural ambassador.

These are the few ways I know how to travel as a student . Please share yours ways of traveling as a student.








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